4th November 2018 - First published in EBI October Newsletter

The 8th International M-Tourism Day, organised by Telecom Valley, took place on October 16th at Pôle Culturel Auguste Escoffier in Villeneuve-Loubet, France, and the EBI was represented at this prestigious event by a talk entitled ‘Welcome to Smart Boating’ given by Aidan Foley of EBI Sustaining Member ‘Raceix’.

The ‘M’ in M-Tourism stands for ‘Mobile’ and this is the core focus of the event. Local, regional and international tourism professionals met to hear about, and then discuss, how developments in mobile technology can be unlocked to deliver positive results for the tourism sector.

With many of those attending coming from three of the world’s top visitor locations - Provence, Alpes and Côte d’Azur - this was a premium event and one very much focused on the consumer landscape of the future.

The connection between the event and the European Boating Industry went back to early May of this year when the organisers reached out looking for suitable speakers at the event. By the end of that month it was agreed that Raceix would give a talk about their ‘Adventure’ feature-set which connects the tourism sector with live boating activity in their immediate region.

While much of the discussion on the day focused on land-based initiatives and opportunities, the Raceix presentation focused entirely on the value and potential of the marine-leisure sector for existing tourism products on shore. Their solution offers hotels, restaurants, bars and those with related tourism products an opportunity to directly speak to boaters and send appropriate offers and triggers into the boats active in their area. The relationship with the EBI was highlighted during the presentation, as was the enormous size and scale of the marine-leisure sector in Europe.

The main focus of Raceix is in providing existing boat owners, and boat renters, with an entirely new on-board technology platform which advises, informs, encourages and supports their boating activity in the most natural and intuitive way possible.

They’re currently deep in final product development and expect to be in the market-place during the second half of 2019, however all of their technology has already been fully proven and prototyped. They became a member of the EBI in January of this year and are keen to work together in order to ensure mutual goals and aspirations are achieved.

The presentation was well received on the day and numerous follow-ups are now taking place to further unlock and nurture the opportunities which were identified.

Image (courtesy of Telecom Valley) shows Aidan Foley of Raceix giving the ‘Welcome to Smart Boating’ presentation.