15th December 2018

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966. Their membership comprises the leading national marine federations of all the major boating countries in the world, plus a number of key private companies and organisations. With just under 100 member companies and associations they represent pretty much the entire global marine leisure sector which contains thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees.

Following a series of communications, culminating in a presentation to ICOMIA's Executive Committee at the recent METS trade show in Amsterdam, RACEIX is now in the unprecedented position of being a member ahead of our public launch.

According to Stuart Walker, co-founder of Raceix "Becoming a member of ICOMIA is both an enormous honour and a vitally important part of our desire to ensure we're always fully aware of developments and trends in the sector, allowing us to ensure that our solutions match the needs of the international boating community. We're extremely thankful to ICOMIA for bringing us on board and we look forward to working closely with the other members in the coming months and years." In addition to becoming members, we've also been invited on to several key ICOMIA working groups, specifically: - Grow Boating Committee - Technical Committee - Marinas Group

This is a hugely significant development for us as it puts us right at the heart of the most important discussions taking place in marine leisure.