Major partnership signed with china

17th March 2020

Raceix has just signed a very significant MOU with a leading Chinese partner - Innocare. This gives us access, insight and enormous opportunities within a market with the largest potential for growth in the world. We’ve now commenced exploring how different elements within our technology solution can be applied to key internal Chinese sectors.

Steven Wei, Innocare’s Managing Director, explains more: "Innocare is a Chinese national-level business incubator with boat a government and academia background, which is officially authorised by the Chinese government, as an offshore incubator facilitating the development of technology innovation collaboration between Ireland and China.

As an incubation centre with offices in Ireland and China, Innocare has three main functions. It functions as a spin-out empowerment and spin-in landing accelerator, contract development and co-innovation foundry, and as innovators scouting and global brokerage consortia between Europe and China. We have a background in scientific instruments and our professional knowledge includes biotechnology, clinical diagnosis, chemical analysis and other fields. All of this experience and knowledge enables us to help overseas projects smoothly enter the Chinese market. Our team has been working with SMEs for over 10 years, helping them incubate their projects locally, with many successful cases.

Innocare will work with Raceix closely to explore Chines tourism and marine-leisure industry. China enjoys the potential to become the world's largest cruise market, which is expected to boom, driven by international players and government supports. We are excited about the great opportunities future collaboration will bring!"