17th June 2019

Raceix is all about highly intuitive software - that's where we live. However, we need hardware to deliver it and because the tech we need doesn't currently exist in the boats of our customers, we need to also deliver our own hardware into the marine-leisure space.

This poses a number of challenges - unfamiliarity with mass-production, an investment landscape which runs away from hardware companies, etc. - so we needed to find a better solution, and boy have we found one.

Today we're delighted to announce that we've signed a formal International OEM Agreement with DELL Technologies. This Texas-headquartered industry-leader will now manage our hardware manufacturing needs and together we'll design and engineer our own solutions as we move forward.

​ This is a major development for us and we couldn't be happier with how DELL Technologies have engaged with us. To that end we'd like to thank Aisha, Flor, Greg, Kirsten, Roz, Pat and all the broader team who've impressed us so much in recent months.